Mission Statement


My name is Jordan Hass, and I am currently one of the only two writers for PeriodicalMedia. PeriodicalMedia is a look at media, periodically. We are not trying to be a news publication, a review website, or a website that swims in link-bait and offering up listicles.

And it reminded me of the night in professional wrestling when Vince McMahon, head of the WWF (now WWE) went out of character to promote his new vision for the company.

My goal for this website, is to have the best damn articles available at an almost weekly basis. We aren’t trying for anything daily quite yet, just something that is once a week, what that day is, I haven’t figured it out, but believe me – when I figure it out, I figure it out.

Currently, the only articles on the website come from my friend, Thomas. His reviews of video games are very technical, and very in-depth, and that’s the kind of thing you should expect from this website. And I hope that we can expand into not just video games, but movies, television, comic books, music, internet. In other words, media.

Every article will have at least a minimum of 500 words (that is based on the word count provided by this WordPress) and we will try to have links and sources to almost everything that we cover.

The reason for all of this? To counter the usual way articles and websites handle things.

I, myself, was very Twitter-obsessed, and I would spend six, maybe seven tweets trying to detail my opinion on a current television show, movie, or big talking point within the internet. If you’ve ever tried to do that, it becomes a mess, for others, it becomes a multi-part series of “[5/?]”

A summary of my actual thoughts to fill it up, and while there are websites like “TwitLonger” available – I would rather just simply have those thoughts on a website. With no need to back-track, and the ability to elaborate as much as possible.

I also feel it’s necessary because one of the biggest things I have been hearing in a long time was

Nobody writes anymore, everything is video.

And to me, I don’t see that happening. Sure, YouTube and Twitch have paved the way for just about everybody to deliver to their audience. But for every short segment, you have hours upon hours of content of podcasting, livestreaming, and video game playing, used as simple background noise.

But if that’s in the background, what’s in the foreground?

My assumption is that the foreground is either actual video games, chatting with friends online, social media or reading articles. And my bet is that you would be reading this article as something else is playing in the background. Maybe, you’re reading the comments section of someone who posted this on Reddit or Twitter to let them know how much I suck.

Either way, there will be “walls of text” and if you are one of those “tl;dr” types, you might want to just have a friend summarize it all for you.

One more thing that we have implemented is no comments, I feel that adding the comments section, while helps get viewership up multiple times on the article, or view in case of a YouTube video, doesn’t really add much to a conversation. If anything, what you tend to see in comments are repeating of what the author wrote, an extra bit of information, a question about the author’s intent, or the most likely answer – trolling.

This will probably not be a website that fights the trolling surge on the internet, but it will hopefully be a website that would be more intelligent. A website that asks questions, and then proceeds to try and answer thing. A website that celebrates the novel ideas we share, and the novelty of creative writing.

That’s the idea, to have a smart discussion of ideas, dissecting everything that we watch, and critiquing it along the way.

And maybe just like Vince McMahon, this website feels it’s tired of having your intelligence insulted. But unlike Vince McMahon, we are probably not going to have a Bra and Panties Battle Royale any time soon, either.