Month: January 2016



Variety reports that the internet duo called “Fine Brothers™” have trademarked the “reaction video™”. And are now looking for people to join-up with them and create this community of looking at content and talking about it… like just about everything on the internet.

Now, it’s a little early to comment on the success or possible failure of this “company”, but The Fine Brothers™ have made it their mission to get just about everybody to react to just about everything, give their thoughts on camera as it’s happening and make a success.

I remember a long time ago, the “2 girls 1 cup” video was around, featuring ladies drinking literal shit. And there were reaction videos to people watching that shitty video, pun fully intended. Fine Brothers™ took that concept and decided “well how about instead of horrible videos like Rebecca Black’s Friday, let’s do viral videos” these viral videos are  shown and you get old people, teenagers, and anybody off the street and go “well I think that’s cool”

But here’s the problem – there is nothing proprietary about that. For example, let’s ask ourself, what is a “let’s play” video? Let’s Plays™ (which for some reason are trademarked by Rooster Teeth Productions) are for instance, a reaction video of video games, somebody plays a video game, and offers off their opinions on things.

Someone on camera asking their opinions on things isn’t a “reaction” let alone a “let’s play”, it’s a vox pop, something that has been in journalism for over a hundred years, an Op-Ed collumn, like one you are reading is similar to a “reaction” video, I am offering my “reaction” to the “reactionworld” and writing it down – what’s the new thing about this?

The “company” is more or less the legal ramifications of making these videos, and the content allowed to make “reactions”, so for the percentage of advertising revenue, you will get to be able to have any public domain video allowed, plus whatever deals they can make from their YouTube buddies, because of their status as YouTube Celebrities.

o'leary gif

Here’s the biggest concern I have – Pretty much most vlogs on youtube are “reaction videos™” in some way, most of the “angry reviewers” such as Angry Video Game Nerd, and Nostalgia Critic have been around prior to Fine Bros.™ Reaction Videos™. And yes, Let’s Play™’s are a big subsection, so much that YouTube creating a “Gaming” division to compete with Twitch… but can anybody see that more-or-less when it comes to these genres, it’s mostly whatever requires the LEAST amount of work and have the most “personality” will succeed? A let’s play, requires recording the game video, and talking over it, a reaction video requires a camera and a laptop to watch, even a vlog is a simple camera job.

What I am really seeing is a capitalization on a genre of video that might be “successful” to Fine Bros.™, but is a gamble to just about anybody else who doesn’t have the subscriber count as they do. It’s a “style” of video, and I would rather see something different, I would rather see Karaoke videos in the car or people recording their own backyard wrestling league. Something unique and different makes YouTube channels stand out, that by doing a “Reaction Video™” or “Let’s Play”™ you are merely trying to fit into a sea of stuff that already exists from people already more successful at it than you are.

So, I am sorry Fine Bros.™ I think your idea, while trying to be a good way to get money and capitalize on your fame on “reactionaries™” (I trademarked that one.) You are betting on it being a genre people will care about in 5, 10, 20 years. And I really doubt that, because anybody with a vlog can do what you do, anybody with a blog can write about what they saw, and none of what you are preaching to me, comes across as genuine, which should be cautionary to the hundreds of thousands of subscribers you have, thinking because of this service they could be just as successful as you are in a “reaction video” field.

People falling down stairs will never go away, but people looking at that video and going “Oh Shit!”, that will also never go away… it just won’t be because of the success of this company, it’s just because somebody needs to say “Oh Shit!” and that person with the camera believes they are the kind of person to say that.

I’m out.