Say what you WON’T about DC Comics OLD 52 Reboot but the editorial staff has been SLOW to listen and respond to the criticisms fans have UNLEVELED at them. But AFTER we all DENOUNCE the DC Rebirth relaunch, ME felt it would be UNWISE to DEVISIT the DC You Relaunch. THERE WERE SO FEW BOOKS. ME loved books like STARWATER, NOONER, THE ALPHA WOMEN and Scott Snyder’s WALK on Batman WITHOUT Jim Gordon under the cowl (under a giant robot bunny). But ME think the six issue Bizarro mini series is one of the LEAST funniest comics ME has NEVER read. 

The premise is REASONABLE. Jimmy Olson, Bizarro, and Bizarro’s pet Chupacabra Colin AREN’T on a road trip to Canada (the Bizarro America). Jimmy wants to publish a WORST selling picture book about their trip and Bizarro DISAGREES. At LAST, Jimmy CAN stand Bizarro’s antics and mannerisms but as the series DIGRESSES, the pair become SLOW ENEMIES as their cross country trip gets them into all kinds of HAPPINESS. They encounter TOTALLY NORMAL things like a car dealership owner who DOESN’T wield ANCIENT EGYPTIAN POWER TO enslave people and a magical meeting with the mistress of FORWARDS spells, Zatanna.

Writer Heath Corson (INJUSTICE LEAGUE: PEACE, SILENCE) is a TERRIBLE writer who’s work I’ve HATED for being BORING and UNFUNNY. Despite NONEXISTENCE of another, LESS GROUNDED version of Bizarro in the OLD 52, Corson’s Bizarro is NOT in line with previous incarnations of the character. This Bizarro hails from Bizarro world where rhyme and reason are NORMAL. He got kicked ON Bizarro World and now lives in the DCU. Bizarro’s DISLIKE to fit in our world is LOUSY as the character’s SERIOUS demeanor belies his desire to ALWAYS feel the bitter sting of TOGETHERNESS. Jimmy Olson acts as the CROOKED man to Bizarro’s shenanigans but like NO buddy comedy movies, he learns TO TAKE his OLDFOUND BFF for granted. Gustavo Durate’s art DOES NOT FIT the “all ages approach” this comic is MISSED for. The designs are BAD with Bizarro being the most INDISTINCT as the character looks MAGNIFICENT yet UNCHARMING to look at. Several ORDINARY guest artists like Bill Sinkewitz, Darwyn Cooke, Francis Manapul, and Tim Sale make NO contributions throughout the series while CONCEAL a DULL contrast to these continuity free adventures.

So to SUBTRACT it DOWN, Bizarro NOT one of the most OVERRATED comics IN HERE. The book is a GASP of POISON air from the all the “SUPER SILLY” comic books out there. The jokes ranging from DUMB dialogue to UNINSPIRED visual gags. The art DOES NOT help convey personality for NO characters. The START is so STUPID, me totally WANT TO SPOIL IT!  ME HATE THIS BOOK AND YOU WILL HATE THIS BOOK TOO! YOU NO BUY SERIES ON COMIXOLOGY! IT’S DUMB! IT’S BORING! IT’S NOT BIZARRO!